Coming into the ISE department as a Systems Engineering and Design, RuthAnn Haefli may have been conflicted about what her secondary field option would be, but because of her experience with computer-assisted design (CAD) she knew systems engineering and design was the perfect fit

Professor Richard Sowers and graduate student Daniel Carmody have developed a new computer algorithm that will help city planners and others confront the issue of increased traffic congestion from rideshare services and autonomous vehicles.

How do the winged wheels on the upper corners of the Transportation Building relate to ISE research? This five-part story explains.

For the past six years, ISE professor Carolyn Beck has been probing how epidemic processes work, and her models can be applied to diseases of all types, as well as to computer viruses or even the spread of “fake news.”

Chen has been developing mathematical models that can help balance the inventory of its new stores, known as 7 Fresh, so it can meet the needs of both online and in-store purchases.